mxNAP web hosting, cloud, dedicated servers and colocation network has grown a lot since the day we got our very first server. But we still have the same values. Our focus has always been on the needs of our customers. To build a platform our customers love to use and talk about.

Smart Hosting

We’ve built a range of advanced hosting solutions. For example, our cloud hosting systems from small ‘private clouds’ to large-scale, load-balanced ‘public cloud’ systems serving websites with the capacity to host nationally-advertised events without disruption: no reboots/resizes required.

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UK Support

We believe that quality support is a right. Support should be superb, personal and easy to obtain. We will never outsource our support. We believe in being open and trustworthy. This includes having a clear and fair billing policy with no hidden “extras” or surprise renewal prices!

Green Technology

We all have a responsibility towards protecting our home. 100% renewable energy at all sites and are actively searching for ways to reduce our impact.
Ivx Brands

Consistent with the highest principles of business ethics.

Ivx Group’s governance, data security and supplier practices prioritize access to information, a rigorously upheld code of business ethics and conduct by our board and employees, and relationships with vendors and partners who share our values.