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We do a lot. As mxNAP Domains we’re the pioneer and leading provider in the global domain services market. As Lytii, we’re building and providing in-demand services over fiber-to-the premise networks.

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Leadership & Governance
Leadership & Governance

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Ivx Group & Strategy

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Ivx Overview

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We are a global digital innovator revolutionising how brands connect to a worldwide consumer base. We are transforming how consumer brands go to market in the digital age. We are democratising online retail – overcoming its structural technology barriers by enabling brands and retailers to have direct relationships with consumers, improving inclusion.


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We are defined by our shared ambition and believe that dreaming big in terms of scale and quality drives our success.


We believe that focused, evidence-based, and timely decision-making drives success in a fast-moving sector.


Playing a central part in our culture, our collaborative mindset is reflected in how we view and work with one another as colleagues.
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Ivx Group’s governance, data security and supplier practices prioritize access to information, a rigorously upheld code of business ethics and conduct by our board and employees, and relationships with vendors and partners who share our values.